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KA 71 Amiga Stereo Channel Mixing Headphone Amplifier #576
€ 76.99
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KA71 is a stereo headphone amplifier with additional function of stereo channels crossmixing. As such it is designed for Amiga computers. Amiga sound chip Paula sends two of its four audio channels to stereo left channel, two to the right channel. They are fully separated, which is annoying especially when listening with headphones. KA71 can mix stereo channels at a level adjustable with a knob, from full separation to mono output. It can be also used with computers having monophonic audio, or to mix two computers simultaneously playing parts of the same song. Of course one can also use KA71 as a regular headphone amplifier with smartphones, music players, computers and other sources.


WARNING: KA71 amplifier, depending on input signal, connected headphones and volume set, can produce sound pressure levels higher than 85 dB. High sound pressure level is harmful and may cause irrecoverable damages to your hearing sense. 85 dB is considered safe for continuous listening. Be careful turning the volume up and switch off the amplifier when changing signal sources!




Hard Metal Case

Width: 88 mm.

Height: 38 mm.

Length: 130 mm.

Weight: 255 g (without batteries).



Socket: mini jack 3.5 mm stereo.

Input impedance: 50 kΩ.

Maximum input signal amplitude: 5 Vp-p.

Voltage gain: 3.



Socket: mini jack 3.5 mm stereo.

Rated peak output power (1 kHz sine wave, THD less than 0.01%):

16 Ω load: 50 mW

24 Ω load: 75 mW

32 Ω load: 100 mW

60 Ω load: 150 mW

100 Ω load: 160 mW

300 Ω load: 55 mW

600 Ω load: 25 mW

Rated power bandwidth: 10 – 30 000 Hz (−3 dB power)

THD at rated power (32 Ω load):

Less than 0.01% at 1 kHz

Less than 0.05% in the whole passband.


Power Supply:

Type: USB 5V (via micro USB type B socket) or 3 × AAA cells inside, rechargeable (NiCd, NiMH) or single use (zinc, alkaline).

Batteries cut-off voltage: 2.7 V (0.9 V per cell).

Estimated battery operation time:

alkaline: 1000 mAh cells: 30 hours

rechargeable: 750 mAh NiMH cells: 20 hours.

Supply current, 32 Ω headphones (for batteries supply current depends on discharge level):

idle (no signal): 16 mA from USB, 24 mA from batteries

listening to pop music, loudly: 30 mA from USB, 35 mA from batteries

continuous 1 kHz sine wave at 50 mW RMS: 175 mA from USB, 180 mA from batteries


Package included:

1x KA 71 – Channel mixing headphone amplifier

3x SONY AAA Batteries

1x Micro USB Cable

1x Manual

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