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Micro Tom DB9 USB HID Tank Mouse Amiga C64 Mouse Adapter Black

Cat. No: #1592, Category: Retro Computing Accessories
€ 23.99


Newest DB9 USB HID Micro Tom adapter in black case with a scroll button support special dedicated for new wireless tank mouse by Lucas Remis.


Please note: Our current batch of Micro Tom adapters will not work with Amiga 1200 rev. 2B. It will work on any other revisions of A1200 and also with all other Amiga models.


Micro Tom is also dedicated for Amiga, Atari ST, Atari Falcon, Atari TT and C64 and C128 computers and allows you to connect most USB HID devices such as PC USB mouse, joystick, gamepad or keyboard which are not required driver installation on PC. It will also work with USB keyboard and mouse if same 1 dongle is used for both. Mouse for Commodore 64/128 is used in 1351 mode.


Comes with excellent quality 3D printed black case.


Connect Micro Tom adapter to DB9 mouse or joystick port when your computer is switched off! (If you connect it when your computer is switch on you can damage your DB9 port!). USB devices is working in Hotplug mode so can be connected when your computer is switched on.


There are 3 modes to choose:

- Amiga mode (default) with scroll support. Driver required available for download from here

- Atari ST / Falcon / TT

- Commodore 64/128


Changing mode is only possible by using USB mouse and it is ready to change after about 1 second when your computer is switched on.

To change the mode you need to:

1.) switch on your computer and hold: (for the entire duration of the confuguration)

- left mouse button for Amiga mode

- right mouse button for Atari ST / Falcon / TT mode

- middle mouse button for C64 / C128 mode

2.) Then you need to click another button quickly several times and your LED on adapter will flash

- right mouse button for Amiga mode LED will flash 1 time

- left mouse button for Atari ST / Falcon / TT mode LED will flash 2 times

- left mouse button for C64 / C128 mode LED will flash 3 times

3.) Release both mouse buttons


You can see how to change mode on these videos:


- (from 13:12)


Whole operation must be done after a several seconds after your computer is switched on. When mode is correctly changed Tom adapter will remember your settings.


Compatible with:

- Amiga 500

- Amiga 500+

- Amiga 600

- Amiga 1000

- Amiga 1200

- Amiga 2000

- Amiga 2500

- Amiga 3000

- Amiga 4000

- Amiga CD32

- Atari ST

- Atari Falcon

- Atari TT

- Commodore 64

- Commodore 128


Full instruction (only in Polish language) is available here

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