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Newest Greaseweazle V4.1 USB Floppy Adapter Flux Reader Writer

Cat. No: #1591, Category: Retro Computing Accessories
€ 21.99
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Greaseweazle allows versatile floppy drive control over USB. By extracting the raw flux transitions from a drive, any disk format can be captured and analyzed - PC, Amiga, Amstrad, PDP-11, musical instruments, industrial equipment, and more. The Greaseweazle also supports writing to floppy disks, from a range of image file formats including those commonly used for online preservation (ADF, IPF, DSK, IMG, HFE, ...).


Greaseweazle V4.1 is the very latest version, updating the V4 design with new features:

- Larger form factor with stronger mounting holes

- Modern USB-C connector

- Input protections (ESD, over-current)

- USB power isolation, allows Greaseweazle to be powered by external PSU along with drive(s)


Other features:

- Reads and writes 3", 3.5", 5.25", 8" disks (with suitable drive and cable)

- Buffered outputs, for communicating with older 5.25" and 8" disk drives

- Integrated power connector for directly powering most 3.5" disk drives

- Write-enable jumper can be removed for safer preservation of precious vintage disks

- Supports flippy-modded 5.25" drives

- Supports Disk-Change detection as used by Rob Smith's integration into the WinUAE Amiga emulator

- 3 user-definable outputs (eg. 8" interface REDWC signal)

- 100% factory tested, and tested again by Keir Fraser before shipping

- More information and documentation available here:


This listing is for the Greaseweazle V4.1 device only. You will additionally require:

- A disk drive (for example a PC 3.5" or 5.25" drive)

- A floppy ribbon cable (typically you want a standard PC cable with 'twist' on pins 10-16, to communicate with a PC floppy drive)

- Floppy drive power cable, or power supply


Recommended host OS: Windows 10/11, Ubuntu Linux, macOS (recent versions). Most up-to-date versions of Linux distributions should also work (but less tested).

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