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Turbo Card 030 Terrible Fire 1230 50Mhz 64MB for Amiga 1200

Cat. No: #1219, Category: Retro Computing Accessories
€ 139.99
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Turbo Card 030 Terrible Fire 1230 50Mhz 64MB for Amiga 1200.


This turbo card provides a full motorola 68030 processor with MMU clocked at 50MHz, 64MB Fast RAM and Fast 2.5" IDE port for hard drive/SD/CF card.


Very easy installation. It just need to be placed into A1200 trapdoor connector. TF1230 is PCMCIA friendly so it will not block the PCMCIA port. There is a genuine good quality new edge connector. Compatible with alll A1200 PCB revisions included Re-Amiga 1200. This turbo card will speed up your Amiga 1200 by about 780%.



- Amiga 1200 computer

- Kickstart 3.1 or above.


There is a special forum dedicated for all Terrible Fire Turbo Cards here:


You can boot your system from A1200 motherboard IDE port as usually. Ehide.device loaded by loadmodule in the system is required to use fast IDE port from TF1230 or modified kickstart (we do not sale them).


The newest IDE driver can be downloaded from John "Chucky" Hertell website here:

Loadmodule software can be downloaded from aminet here:

Unpack the driver, put the ehide.device to your DEVS: dir add this to your S:Startup-Sequence:

loadmodule >NIL: devs:ehide.device


To speed up your IDE transfer please download and install MMULib from Aminet here:


Package included:

- Terrible Fire 1230 64MB Turbo card with CPU socket on board and `Gold` 68030 CPU already installed.

- 2x radiators (one for CPU and one for CPLD). Radiators are in separately bags and they need to be placed on CPU and CPLD. Installation is very easy and just blue tape from radiator need to be removed and place to CPU and CPLD.


Terrible Fire 1230 is designed by Stephen Leary.

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