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Car Parking Sensors Radar Kit Reverse Rear Buzzer + Monitor LCD

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4 reversing sensors with LCD display and built-in buzzer.


Universal ultrasonic, 4-sensor parking sensors equipped with an LED display with a built-in buzzer, which emits a sound signal that increases its frequency of sound as the distance from the obstacle decreases. The sensors are automatically triggered when reverse gear is selected. The sensors can be installed in the rear and front bumper.


The kit includes:

- 4 ultrasonic sensors

- LCD display with a built-in buzzer (acoustic signal)

- Central module - sensor controller

- Hole saw 22 mm

- Two matched pieces of double-sided adhesive tape - for mounting the display and the central module

- Instructions for connecting the set

- The perfect box for a gift


Technical Specifications:

- color of 4 sensors - black

- Power supply: 12V (10.5V-16V)

- Power consumption: <4W

- Supply current: 40-300mA

- Device operating temperature: from -40 ° C to + 80 ° C

- Display operating temperature: -20 ° C to + 60 ° C

- Ultrasonic frequency of sensors: 40 KHz

- Sensor diameter: 22mm

- Sensor cable length: 2.4m

- LCD cable length: 5m

- Length of the power cord: 70 cm


Parking assist system. Includes 4 ultrasonic sensors with an audible obstacle detection system. 


Perfect operation in all conditions. Falling rain does not affect the operation of the device, while the sensors are waterproof to IP69, which means that they are perfectly protected against ingress of water, dust and any dirt inside the device.


Safety through precision. The sensors are calibrated to precisely detect even the smallest obstacles, such as parking bollards, city railings, high curbs, etc.


Intuitive audio signal. The distance from the obstacle indicated on the display changes automatically every 10 cm, and the sound signal thanks to the increasing frequency as you approach the obstacle will allow the driver to react at the right moment.

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