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A6095 9.5MB Extra Fast RAM Memory Expansion Card for Amiga 600 #583
€ 74.99
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Brand new, great quality A6095 9.5MB Extra Fast Memory Expansion Card for Amiga 600.


This amazing brand new card will give you an extra 9.5 MB FAST RAM on your Amiga 600.


Plug and Play card, you dont need any driver or anything else. You can use even with disabled startup-sequence. All you have to do is just put the card on Motorola MC 68000 processor on Amiga 600 motherboard (you can still use trapdoor expansion for extra 1 MB CHIP RAM). You dont need any soldering or tools. Simply put on processor within seconds. PLCC socket mounted on card is extremely strong and solid. You can even lift up and hold motherboard together with bottom case when the card is installed just holding the card! (see photo for proof).


Jumper settings:

ON/OFF - you can enable or disable the card

RST/CFG - when you hold 3 buttons reset keys from keyboard for about 5-6 seconds you can switch from 5.5 MB (PCMCIA friendly) to 9.5 MB (PCMCIA not friendly) and opposite.

9.5/5.5 - permanently settings (5.5 MB PCMCIA friendly or 9.5 MB PCMCIA not friendly)

SLOW ONLY - will give you 1.5 MB extra slow memory only (required for some A500 games).


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