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Mini USB 2.4 GHz Wireless Black PC Computer Keyboard + Mouse Set

Cat. No: #866, Category: PC / Laptop / Tablet Accessories
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A modern wireless keyboard + mouse set with a compact size. Frequently used functions. such as play and pause, recovery, mute and internet are all easily accessible with the administration buttons.


The keyboard is spill-resistant - the liquid flows over the capital level, the causes of accidental spills are not a matter of business. Bold white characters make the keys easier to read. It is an ideal solution for people with poor eyesight. The keys are also more resistant to wiping.


The slim keyboard with durable feet and keys is not only elegant, but also durable and spill-resistant.



- Brand new product comes in box

- Color: black



- 2.4 GHz wireless technology (up to 30 wireless devices work without interference)

- Mouse working resolution: 800-1200-1600 DPi (changeable with a dedicated button on the mouse)

- Range - up to 10 meters.

- Keyboard size: 28.5 x 12 cm, thickness 2.5 cm

- 2.4Ghz wireless technology

- 2xAAA battery operated (not included)

- The keyboard works with any Windows, Linux and Android.



- Size: 8.5 x 4 cm, thickness 2.8 cm

- Optical sensor

- 2 buttons and a scroll wheel

- Range 10 m

- Nano USB receiver

- 2xAAA battery operated (not included)


Product features:

- High-quality keyboard and mouse for demanding customers - low purchase cost. many functions, no cables - a total novelty.

- USB connection (nano receiver - it is hidden in the device, from the bottom)

- The keyboard has a moisture-wicking overlay, so a small amount of liquid is not afraid of it - the waterproof keyboard.

- A full-size, multimedia keyboard with lowered key travel.

- A beautiful, small black mouse with a varnished surface.

- Works with all modern operating systems.

- High resolution sensor.

- Thanks to the latest energy-saving technology, you can use the keyboard continuously for up to several months.

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