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12-17 Inch Large Laptop Cooling Pad 5x Cooler Cooling 2 USB LED

Cat. No: #1383, Category: PC / Laptop / Tablet Accessories
€ 13.99


Adjustable Cooling Pad for 12" - 17" Laptop


Don't let your computer run out of power

The central, large 13 cm fan with increased efficiency and 4 additional smaller fans ensure proper cooling of your device.


- Mesh made of thermally conductive aluminum

- 3 levels of cooling power

- HUB with 2 USB ports


In addition, the correct position in front of the computer will be ensured by the 7-step mechanism for adjusting the angle of the laptop. Adjustment range - from 0 degrees to 35 degrees of the inclination angle.


Product specification:

The stand is compatible with any 5V USB power source, i.e. with:

- all laptops with a USB input

- power banks

- USB phone chargers


Product features:

- 3 ranges of fan operation HUB for 2 USB ports

- Power the stand using the included USB cable

- Aluminum mesh quickly dissipating heat

- Weight: about 600g

- Stand dimensions: 36 x 26 x 2 cm

- USB cable length: 55 cm

- Voltage: 5V DC


The stand has a built-in LED backlight in the color shown in the pictures

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