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Wireless 10m LED Gaming Mouse USB Optical 1600 DPI 2.4GHz

Cat. No: #1124, Category: PC / Laptop / Tablet Accessories
€ 6.99


Wireless, optical gaming mouse with a resolution of up to 1600 DPI! Ergonomic shape and good balance ensure incredible precision and comfort not only in FPS games but also in everyday work. The gaming mouse enables professional computer support, increasing the possibility of using computer games.


The ergonomic shape of the product and the materials used to finish it prevent hand fatigue while playing. Appropriate profiling and makes the mouse fit very well in your hand. Side buttons - "next" and "previous" - you will appreciate in games and other programs - will significantly speed up the operation of web browsers.


LED backlight is also a useful highlight of selected elements (e.g. buttons, controls), as well as a way to give an interesting style. The advantages of such a solution are easiest to experience during night sessions in front of the computer, when the effective backlight gives an interesting appearance to the product, and additionally facilitates its use.


Thanks to wireless communication technology, you can do without cables! The 2.4 GHz RF module will provide you with a convenient and quick connection of the mouse with your computer using a dedicated receiver connected to the USB port.


Item specification:

- Type: wireless, optical

- Communication port (transmitter): USB type A

- Very accurate optical sensor

- Resolution (switchable): 800/1200/1600 DPI

- Radio connection: 2.4 GHz

- The maximum range of the transmitter: up to 10 meters

- Number of buttons: 6 + scroll

- Type: right-handed

- It works immediately after connecting to the USB port and does not require any drivers to be installed!

- Uses Plug & Play technology!

- Compatible with Windows 2000 / NT / ME / XP / VISTA / 7 / 8.1 / 10

- Power supply: 2x AAA 1.5V battery - not included

- Dimensions: 115 mm x 75 mm x 35 mm

- Packaging: cardboard box


Product features:

A professional mouse for gamers, it provides incredible precision of control in the latest FPS games, thanks to the high resolution of up to 1600 DPI! The ergonomic shape and low weight make the mouse very comfortable to use. Automatic energy saving function. The mouse goes into standby mode after 5 minutes. Wireless! Much greater convenience of use - no tangled cables. The transmitter is inserted inside the mouse when you are not using it, so you will never lose it.

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