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SFR1M44-U 3.5in 1.44MB USB SSD Floppy Disk Drive Emulator

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SFR1M44-U 3.5in 1.44MB USB SSD Floppy Disk Drive Emulator


This USB SSD floppy drive emulator is a floppy drive emulator with high security data protection, ease of installation and user friendliness. This floppy drive emulator is a great industrial control device.


High integration and high security data protection.

Suitable for 1.44MB floppy disk drive industrial control equipment.

Built-in memory for switching data and conversion formats between FAT16 / 32 and FAT12, automatically saves data when power is turned off.

The disk used is FAT32.

Easy to install and user friendly.

Plug and play and no need to reset.

34-pin floppy disk drive interface, 5V DC power supply.


Model : SFR1M44-U

Shell Material: ABS

Color: Gray

Voltage: 5V DC

USB port: Connect a USB flash drive

Compatible: Industrial control equipment, 1.44MB floppy disk drive

Interface: USB port, 4-pin power plug (power), 34-pin plug (Standard floppy disk drive)

Size: 12.2 * 10.1 * 2.5cm / 4.8 * 4.0 * 1.0in

Weight: approx. 101g


Package included:

1x USB Emulator

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