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Amiga 4x Player Joystick Serial Adapter 2x Additional DB9 Ports

Cat. No: #692, Category: Retro Computing Accessories
€ 13.49


Connect 2 additional joysticks to play any 4 player supported games.


Simply connect to the parallel port of the Amiga and connect 2 joysticks. Not other configuration required. Plug and Play.


Please note due to the nuts on the parallel port connector required to be installed to hold the connector together the nuts on the Amiga's parallel port will need to be removed. This is easily done using a pair of small pliers within minute.


Color: as picture shown

Weight: 32g

Size: 6.5 x 5.1 x 2 cm


Games which support 4 players using this adapter:

- 6-Tris Aminet - Adrenalynn - Air Taxi Games-Coffer - Ballistic Diplomacy - Base Jumpers - Blast Squad Amiga Lore - Blitz Bombers Aminet - Blitz Tennis - Blob 1.1 Platform romp - BOMB 1.21 Bomberman clone - Bratwurst Gravity shooter - Bruce Lee - Bug Bomber Ami Sector One - Burn Out - Carnage (Zeppelin Games) - Cold Blooded Murder - Crossfire II - Dogfight Simulator 1.5 - Dynablaster - Dynamite Warriors 2.0 - FireFlies - FirePower - FlatMates - Flyin' High - Fourmaze - Gauntlet 2 - Great Courts 2 - Highflyers - Hired Guns - Hot Rod - International Soccer (MicroDeal) - James Bond - Kargon - Kick Off 2 - Knock Out 2 - Laser Bikes - Leatherneck - Manchester United Europe - Master Blaster Aminet - Max Rally - MegaBlast - Megatron - MineRunner - Monsters of Terror - Moochies, The - Over The Net - Poweroids Aminet - Projectyle Ami Sector One - Qatbol - Rally Cross Challenge - Skirmish - Smash T.V - Sneech - Space Power Space Taxi 3 - Speed (demo) - Street Racer - Subtrade - Super Gem`z - Super Skidmarks - Super Tennis Champs - SuperDrive Fun racer - Tanl Attack - Tank battles - Tank Wars Tank battles - The Race - Tie Break - Tip Off - Traders - Turbo Hockey 2 - TV Sports Basketball - Ultimate Super Skidmarks - Wheelchair Gladiators - Worm Wars - Wormsigns (preview) - X II - Xtreme Racing - Zerberk

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