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Jerry Rev.2 Amiga Atari ST USB Mouse Adapter #1331
€ 12.99
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Shipping: IRL - €1.95 | Europe - €2.90 | USA - €2.90

Very important! Please note that this adapter only support USB mice with PS/2 protocol. It will not working with HID mice.


Plug and Play. It does not need any drivers. (working even in boot menu).


Any mouse works with a USB to PS/2 adapter will work with this adapter. Compatible with: AMIGA A500, A500+, A600*, A1200, 1000, 2000*, 3000, 4000, CD32 and also with Atari ST*.


Please note that special adapter or extension DB9 lead is required if you want to use it in Amiga 600, Amiga 2000 and Atari ST (not included).


The choice between the mouse and the joystick is done by pressing the left mouse button (to select the mouse) or pressing fire on the joystick to select the joystick as the current device.


Please note that adapter need to be plug in into Amiga / Atari when your computer is switched off.


There are two modes.

- Amiga mode (set by default)

- Atari ST mode


You can easily change the mode by using mouse. To change the mode you need to:

- turn on your computer and hold a mouse button (for the entire lenght of the configuration)

- left button of the mouse to switch for Amiga mode

- right button of the mouse to switch for Atari mode

- then click a second button 5 times


Amiga computer and mouse from photos are not included.

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