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Dual Double Kickstart ROM Switcher Selector Amiga 500 600 2000 #1110
€ 15.99
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Shipping: IRL - €1.95 | Europe - €2.90 | USA - €2.90

You can use any 2 kickstarts dedicated for Amiga 500, 600, 2000 even based on EPROMs. There is a special jumper for Amiga 500 rev.5 and Amiga 2000 rev. 4.


You can use a switcher on cable to switch your kickstarts or you can use jumpers for permamently settings (please see photos for jumpers settings).


Compatible with:

- Amiga 500 (all revisions, even rev.5)

- Amiga 600 (all revisions)

- Amiga 2000 (all revisions, even rev.4)


Please see the photos how to install it in your Amiga 500, 600, 2000.


Please note you can switch your Kickstart only when Amiga is switch off.


Package included:

- 1x Dual Socket ROM Kickstart Switcher Comes with 3D printed White Bottom Case (Kickstarts are not included)

- 1x Switcher + Cable (approx 33cm)

- 1x Ribbon cable (approx. 7cm)

- 3x Jumpers

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