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V1000 500W DC 24V to 230V Power Inverter AC Car Converter

Cat. No: #1217, Category: Car Accessories
€ 28.99


The device converts direct voltage 24V for alternating voltage 230V. This makes it ideal for a passenger car and other vehicles equipped with a 24V system. Perfect for powering laptops, notebooks, chargers, small household appliances, etc.


The device is characterized by a solid workmanship and low failure rate. The converter housing is made entirely of aluminum, which facilitates heat dissipation. Additionally, it is equipped with a silent fan to cool the systems inside the device. The device has a number of protections to protect the connected devices, including: overload protection, thermal protection, short-circuit protection and others. The BLOW converter has an auto-restart function. Thanks to it, when the inverter turns off after one of the protections is triggered, it is not necessary to turn off the power supply. Just reduce the load and the inverter starts up automatically. The operating status is indicated by lighting up of the LED diodes. The converter has a set of assembly cables for the battery.


Product specifications:

- Input voltage: DC 24V (DC 22 - 30V)

- Output voltage: AC 230V | (+/- 10%)

- Output frequency: 50 Hz | 60 Hz | (+/- 3 Hz)

- USB socket: DC 5V / 500mA

- Continuous power: 500W

- Peak / instantaneous power: 1000W

- Output waveform: modified sine wave

- Maximum efficiency: 85%

- Idle current: <0.25A

- Input low voltage warning: DC 20.4V ~ 21.6V

- Shutdown - low input voltage: DC 18.4V ~ 19.6V

- Shutdown - high input voltage: DC 30V ~ 32V

- Thermal switch: 60C (+/- 5C)

- Shutdown - overload: 560W - 660W

- Optimum working temperature: + 5C ~ + 35C

- Cooling method: mechanical fan

- Fuse: 20A x 2

- Device dimensions: 240 x 100 x 60 mm

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