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3 in 1 Micro USB Type C iPhone Quick Fast Charger Cable Adapter

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Please note that a color is gold (not silver like photo shown).


A braided 3-in-1 USB cable is a perfect solution for charging your phone and other electronic devices. It allows you to connect to charging a phone equipped with any communication port (Apple Lightning, microUSB and USB type C M2). At the same time, it meets all the requirements of a standard charging cable (current with a total current of up to 3A and support for Quick Charge in version 2.0).


Highlights of USB-C TYP-C:

- versatility - the possibility of using any type of device without any negative impact on the thickness,

- high data transfer speed - up to 10 Gb / s, which is equal to Thunderbolt and enough to transfer video in 4K resolution,

- good power supply properties - the ability to power devices with power consumption up to 100W, e.g. a monitor

- small and symmetrical design - the plug has been designed to have small dimensions and high durability, and to allow plugging in without thinking where is the top and bottom (because there is no top and bottom here). 24 contacts closed in a housing with dimensions of 8x2mm.


Item specification:

- Brand new product.

- Maximum total current: 3A

- Maximum current: 2.1A

- Cable length: 1.2m

- 3 in 1 cable. It is equipped with 3 branches / plugs for various types of sockets.

a.) micro USB

b.) Apple Lightning (iPhone / iPad)

c.) USB Type-C M2


Product features:

- It allows you to connect the cable to virtually any device, thanks to the placement of up to 3 physical plugs of various types! You don't have to bother with matching cables and chargers to different types of phones and other electronic devices!

- The cable allows you to charge several devices at the same time with a total current up to 3A and parallel data transmission.

- Supports the Quick Charge 2.0 standard

- Equipped with a strong, nylon braid increasing the durability of the cable.

- The cable is tangle-free and kink-resistant.

Mobile Phone Accessories

Never let your phone run out of battery on the move with our great range of mobile phone accessories. We offer a wide variety of mobile phone fast chargers, cables, adapters, along with wireless induction chargers and protective screen guards etc. We also supply classic Nokia mobile phone batteries, car phone holders, tripods, and power banks. We offer a great selection of cable lengths and all types of chargers including micro USB, type-C for Samsung and Android models, also cables for iPhone for a very competitive price and are always ready to post from our warehouse in Dublin, Ireland within just 1-3 working days.

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