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5x LED T6 Cree Strong Brightness Headlamp Headlight Tourch

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A headlamp is useful in conditions that require lighting without the use of hands. The flashlight uses a very strong set of 5 CREE XM-L LEDs with a lifetime of up to 100,000 hours.


The CREE LED technology used in the flashlight guarantees a strong light of considerable power and a long working time. The flashlight has an elastic band that allows easy donning and allows the device to be firmly attached to the head. The mounting is in two planes, which prevents it from moving even when performing dynamic activities. The light beam can be adjusted by 90 °.



- Brand new product in box.

- 4 operating modes: 1 LED, 4 LEDs, 5 LEDs, strobe

- You don't need your hands to light up your work

- Waterproof: against splashes, rain

- Shock resistant

- Range approx. 500 m

- Light color: cold white

- A red LED on the back of the flashlight - ideal for evening cycling, jogging, walking, etc.

- Housing: aluminum, plastic

- Total weight: 280 g


Product features:

1.) Five LEDs - the flashlight has 5 separate LEDs; 1 large located centrally and 4 smaller on the sides which translates into the power of the flashlight. In the case of such a set, even at night it is bright as during the day.

2.) Easy donning - a flexible, adjustable headband fixes the flashlight on the head in two planes and prevents it from moving. The adjustable flashlight head allows you to adjust its inclination to your needs.

3.) Efficient lighting - CREE LED technology guarantees strong lighting with moderate power consumption. 4.) Four modes - the switch allows you to set one of three operating modes: main LED, 4 side LEDs, main and side LEDs, warning mode - all LEDs blinking.


Package included:

- Headlamp 5 x LED ZOOM CREE T6

- 2x Li-ion batteries 18650 4800mAh 3.7V

- Mains charger - 230 V + EU-UK adapter so it can be used both for EU and UK/IRL sockets.

- Car charger - 12 V

- Box

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