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Wi-fi Sports Waterproof Dustproof Ultra HD DV 4K Camera, Holders

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Do you spend a lot of time on a bicycle, motorbike or other vehicle? Do you like extreme, water or winter sports? Would you like to record your achievements and show them to your friends?


Waterproof sports camera, resistant to dust, dirt, water and shock. It will work in all conditions, in all weather and at any time. It can accompany you while practicing all sports, including: water, winter, extreme and wherever you want.


Digital recording camera with photo function, resistant to extreme operating conditions. Practical and handy, it is an old but proven design that is constantly evolving.


Due to its dimensions and accessories, it is perfect for hiking, bikes, motorbikes, cars and other vehicles.


The camera is based on the "motion capture" technology, thanks to which you can record all possible activities, from diving or surfing to climbing. The new camera with high-quality recording, very small and compact, in addition to the standard functions of a sports camera, it can also successfully work as a portable camera for everyday use or a car driving recorder. Supported memory cards are micro SDHC up to 64GB. 900mAh battery capacity, which is enough for 90 minutes of recording.


Professional sports camera ULTRA HD 4K + WiFi is one of the best sports cameras available on the market, recording in Ultra HD 4K quality.


Adapted to demanding users who like extreme sports and more. The set includes handles and stands that allow you to record in all conditions, even under the surface of the water. A durable battery and external memory will allow you to record many unforgettable moments.


Easy and clear menu will allow you to easily adjust the camera to your needs. Stable and clear image in all conditions, as well as the safety of the device, is guaranteed by a variety of brackets and mounts as well as a waterproof casing, which are included in the set.


Designed for extreme sports, diving, skiing, motorcycle riding, cycling, mountain climbing.


Waterproof and resistant to shock and impact.


The Wi-Fi function allows you to wirelessly connect to a phone or tablet and download the material and preview it. An app for transmitting images from a webcam via WIFI - Go Action.


The set has many accessories for assembling the camera.


Video modes:

- 4K 30fps

- 2.7K 30 fps

- 1080p 60fps and 30 fps. (full HD)

- 720p 90 fps 60 fps and 30 fps. (HD)


The slow motion function is available in two qualities:

- 1080p 60fps

- 720p 90 fps



- The camera comes complete with a rich mounting system. which allows you to mount the camera almost anywhere.

- This model has a waterproof housing.

- Thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi, it is possible to remotely control the camera via a remote control, smartphone or tablet.

- The camera's LCD screen allows you to preview the image being recorded. while the removable battery will ensure longer operating time of the camera.

- The camera is equipped with an anti-shake function, which eliminates vibrations while taking photos.

- This camera is offered in a package with a very rich set of accessories and mounts.

- The ULTRA HD 4K WiFi camera, in addition to the typical functionalities of a sports camera, can also be successfully used as a portable camera for everyday use or a car driving recorder.

- Irreplaceable when running and recording a video blog, e.g. a culinary blog.

- 16 Mega Pixel CMOS Sensor Camera

- 2 "LCD screen - 4K 30fps video quality

- Photo quality up to 16Mpix

- 170 degree wide angle lens

- Recording image to a micro SD card up to 64GB (not included)

- Waterproof case-  diving up to 30 meters

- Multifunctional clips for a helmet, motorbike, bicycle

- Live image preview via WiFi on a smartphone

- Micro HDMI connector for live viewing on TV

- Micro USB connector

- Light, 58g with battery

- Dimensions 59 x 41 x 29mm

- Set of 7 accessories

- Dimensions 59 x 41 x 29mm

- Android and iOS application - Go Action

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