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3x Ports Way RCA Cinch Switcher Splitter + 3x RCA Cable

Cat. No: #56, Category: Cables & Adapters
€ 8.49

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Weight: 120g
Size:16.5 x 6.5 x 3cm
3 to 1 Composite AV Signal Switch w/ RCA AV cable
Share one TV with 3 different sources
Ultra flexible PVC jacket
Designed to provide sharp, clear audio and video for your home theater system
No need to unplug and plug in wires when changing from game consoles, DVD players, RCA players, and even digital camcorders.
Heavy duty RCA male connectors on each end provide excellent strain relief to keep your cable intact
Color coded connectors help to simplify installation
AV Cable Type: Red / White / Yellow composite Audio / Video Cable

Connectivity :RCA (M x 3) to RCA (M x 3)
Cable length: 3 ft / 90 CM
Switch color: Black
Suggested applications: TV / DVD / Projectors / Game Consoles / Nintendo Wii / Game Cube / Cameras / Camcorders


Package Content:
1x 3 to 1 port RCA switch
1x RCA composite AV cable (3x RCA Male to 3x RCA Male)

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