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Pack of 10x AG12 Alkaine Cell Button Coin Battery Batteries LR43

Cat. No: #817, Category: Batteries
€ 2.35


The AG12 Battery is a button shape alkaline battery with a nominal voltage of 1.5, used for small electronic devices.


May also be known as: SR43W, SR43, SR1142, SB-B8, 280-41, H, V386, D386, 260, S1142E, GP386, AG12, AG-12, 386, SG12, LR43, 386A, 386X, CR43, LR1144, RW44, SR1142PW, 386B, BSR43H, SR43H, E386, V12GA.


High quality material, safe and durable. Provide excellent continuous power. High energy density, long life expantancy. Superb characteristics over a wide temperature range. Ideal for laser pointers, LED light sticks, cameras, toys, games, talking books, calculators, clocks, watches, Hit Clip players, lighters, exercise machines etc. Insert the battery in the right direction and avoid short-circuit.


Model: AG12

Material: Metal

Rated capacity: 10

Standard Voltage: 1.5V

Short Circuit Current: 1.3A

Standard Load Current: 0.3A

Diameter: app.11.6mm/0.46in


Package included:

- 10x (1 pack) AG12 T&E Batteries


We have a variety of button/coin shaped batteries in our specialist range. Button/coin shaped batteries are small and compact, therefore easy to store away. We have a range of sizes including the common LR44 button cell battery and CR2032 coin cell battery. We stock most other sizes and voltages from the World's leading battery brands too. So whether you are just replacing the battery in a small electronic device, or you need to stock your shelves and buy in bulk, you can be sure that our prices are some of the most competitive around. We also offer a selection of AA, AAA, 6F22 9V and 3R12P batteries for a very competitive price and are always ready to post from our warehouse in Dublin, Ireland within just 1-3 working days.

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