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2MB CHIP RAM Memory Module Expansion Amiga 500 500 Plus Rev. 8a

Cat. No: #1621, Category: Retro Computing Accessories
€ 26.99


Very important! (Please read before you place an order)

- for rev. 8a motherboards only

- soldering skills are required. You will also need 3 wire connection (not included). Please see english manual for more details.

- trap door ram expansion will not be usable

- newest Revision 3 (red PCB as photo shown)



- Before any soldering inside computer; POWER OFF COMPUTER

- Disconnect all devices

- Use professional tools without any risk or possible harm to You

- If You are not sure what to do – go to PROF ! Do not solder on Your own.

- If You have not understood below pinouts – also visit PROF technician!

Retro Computing Accessories

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