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Hydra2 8x Inputs 2x Outputs Automatic SCART EURO Switch Splitter

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This is a revised version of Hydra2 with power switch and extra fuses.


Fully automatic Premium SCART switch with full galvanic inputs separation.

(bold - new features comparing to previous HYDRA2)

- 8x scart inputs (RGB, s-video, composite)

- easily expandable to 16 or 24 inputs with HYDRA HEADS device

- 2x scart ouput - now, You can connect Your 2 ouput devices !!

- "Knight rider" style active scart detection - full ROHS

- expandable with 2 additional HYDRA HEADS devices to offer outstanding 24inputs scart functionality

- AVR controller with firmware future updates

- HQ plexi transparent

- STEREO RCA audio output

- IR controlled

- Improved signal detection histerisis / all cables shall work now/

- 3 independant audio buffers for each audio output

- SYNC ON GREEN mode for scart input 2 (SW7 - SOG SWITCH)

- RGB ONLY / AUTO mode for scart input 8 (SW8 )

- fully compatible with HYDRA2 firmware

- manual/automatic mode

- MICRO USB power supply (regular mobile phone charger 5V will do the job - please, use sth decent - approx 1A)


- 2.1 / 5.1 barrel jack

- 7.5V-9V AC/DC

- DC polarity independant

- 9V suggested (REMEMBER - more voltage You supply, more heat hydra will produce)

- TTL SYNC can be switch on on both outputs the same time, even if one receiver is 75ohm capable only

- added extra protection at SCART INPUTS to protects NCS chips


Do not use garbage power supply – any decent micro usb mobile charger will do the work.. and please be careful with USB SOCKET.


How doees it work?

Imagine, You have many retro system in use. Amiga, Atari ST, ZX spectrum, etc... And You have only one classical TV/Monitor with one SCART INPUT. Each time, You want to switch system, You have to connect Your machine to Your monitor. Everytime, You do it - You damage scart socket inside. Those days are over. Connect up to 24 computers/consoles to HYDRA, then connect HYDRA to Your TV/Monitor and power on hydra. Since now, HYDRA will detect active scart input and forward all signals to Your monitor. Simple and efficent.


NEVER connect / disconnect SCART PLUGS when HYDRA is ON especially when CONSOLE/SYSTEM is ON! USE SIMPLEST SCART CABLES POSSIBBLE. No tricky electronics inside as NOT NEEDED. Hydra has built in all necessary features Hydra accepts following sync signals at pin 20 of scart: composite video luma composite sync.



- left SW3 - scan for active source to the left from active one (if active is far left, no action) / next scart in manual mode

- right SW1 - scan for active source to the right from active one (if active is far right, no action) / previous scart in manual mode

- middle SW2 - HD/LOW PASS filter (led on/off) - default ON;

- left+right pressed - disables "knight rider led effect"

- middle + right - Automatic/manual mode

- middle + left - mute audio

- SW4/SW5 - TTL / 75Ohm switch sync ( do not use on 75Ohm receivers !). LED ON = TTL SYNC OUTPUT

- SW4 for scart output J2 (left)

- SW5 for scart output J3 (right)



- SW7 - SYNC ON GREEN mode for scart input 2 ; DEFAULT OFF, LED OFF

- SW8 - RGB ONLY / AUTO mode for scart input 8 ( Amstrad Computers, ZX 128 +2/3), DEFAULT AUTO


Hydra2 8port scart switcher, may be “easily” expanded with 2 additional HYDRA HEADS devices to offer outstanding 24inputs scart functionality.

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