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Amiga IMP Box LCD Wi-Fi Internet Adapter Online Modules Player

Cat. No: #1602, Category: Retro Computing Accessories
€ 31.99


ImpBox32 IMP Box Amiga LCD Wi-Fi Internet Module Song Player, Chat, Games.


This device provides wireless connectivity to your Amiga (only IMP v3 software can be launched on it).



- listen songs from internet - over 168 000 files on the server! (mods, sids, ahxs, xms...)

- browse disk (cloud storage) - download files, view, read, play (whdload, c64 emu, zx emu) and many more by one click directly from IMP 3 application

- upload own files to your private, public or shared folder on stash! (with IMP 3 or ftp), browse other users published files

- chat on global channels or create new one!

- play online hundreds of games and do the highscore!

- rtg friendly, os friendly


To get it works you need to download and copy to your Amiga computer IMP v3 software, it can be downloaded for free from this link:


More info about this project can be found on this link:


Manual instruction for IMP3 software can be found here:


Quick installation manual:

1.) Connect your IMP Box to your Amiga computer parallel port and connect USB charger via micro USB cable (micro USB cable and charger are not included)

2.) Run cli/newshell

3.) Set wifi network name, type: imp3 ibcs NETWORK_NAME

4.) Set wifi network password (if exist), type: imp3 ibcp NETWORK_PASSWORD

5.) Now impbox is connected to wifi (network name and password are stored inside impbox)

6.) Wait a while and run imp without amiga network, type: imp3 ib

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