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BMC64 Bare Metal C64 Raspberry Pi Keyboard Joy Adapter

Cat. No: #1585, Category: Retro Computing Accessories
€ 15.99


BMC64 is a bare metal C64 emulator for the Raspberry Pi with true 50hz/60hz smooth scrolling and low latency between input & video/audio. Four other Commodore machines are available as well; C128, Vic20, Plus/4 and PET.


BMC64 Features:

- Quick boot time (C64 in 4.1 seconds over composite!)

- Frames are timed to vsync for true 50/60 hz smooth scrolling (no horizontal tearing!)

- Low latency between input & audio/video

- No shutdown sequence required, just power off

- High C64 compatibility thanks to VICE

- High Plus/4 compatibility thanks to Plus4Emu (Rpi3 Only)

- Easily wire real Commodore/Atari Joysticks and nav buttons via GPIO using jumpers (GPIO Config 1)

- Can use a real Commodore Keyboard and Joysticks via PCB (GPIO Config 2)

- Can use a Waveshare Game HAT (Pi2 or 3 Only) (GPIO Config 3)

- Also works with the Keyrah and TheC64 'Maxi' case


Full details about this project can be found here:

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