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Tikus Black Amiga DB9 USB Adapter Tank Mouse C64 Atari ST Joypad

Cat. No: #1581, Category: Retro Computing Accessories
€ 24.99


Newest Tikus DB9 - USB adapter in black case for new wireless tank mouse by Lucas Remis.


Tikus adapter will also work with most of the other mice and some joypads as well.


Adapter may work in few modes:

- Amiga with scroll (driver can be found here). It will work with all Amiga models (also fit A600)

- Atari ST/STe.

- Commodore 64 GEOS - 1531 mouse

- USB joypad (digital only! no analog inputs). May not work with all joypads.


This is a real HID USB adapter but it will also work with PS/2 protocol mice.


As default this adapter is configured to work with Amiga computers.


Setting up mode for diffrent type of computers: To enter config mode, remove and insert USB device or power ON COMPUTER with USB inserted. Observe bottom leds of TIKUS:

- GREEN LED FLASHING - detecton of MOUSE OK; It awaits your decision (p3)

- RED BLINKS - no USB device detected

- Press RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON - the moment green led starts flashing

- Press LEFT MOUSE BUTTON - counter will increse its number and indicate it's value with RED LEDS blinks

- Press RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON - save counter`s value

- Variable circle values: 1 --> 2 --> 3 --> 1 --> 2 -->...

- 1 BLINK: Amiga Mode / 2 BLINKS: Atari Mode / 3 BLINKS: Commodore GEOS mouse emulation


Video Tikus configuration can be found here

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