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20x LED Desk Light Lamp 10W Wireless Induction Charging Charger

Cat. No: #1506, Category: Mobile Phone Accessories
€ 12.99


The modern LED lamp is equipped with facilities such as three lighting modes! Thanks to this, we can choose the right light for our needs. We change the lighting modes using a convenient touch panel located in the upper part of the lamp. The extremely comfortable and practical flexible arm used allows you to set the lamp at virtually any possible angle. This solution ensures proper positioning of the LED lighting angle, which directly affects the comfort and health of our eyesight.


The inductive charging method is a modern solution to quickly replenish the energy in our phone. Just connect the charger to a power source using the USB cable included in the set, and then place the phone on the charger panel - from now on you can enjoy fast charging. Qi is one of the most modern methods of wireless energy transfer using inductive charging. It is designed for smartphones equipped with this technology. The basis of the system is the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction between two coils. In the charger there is a power transmitter containing a coil that generates an oscillating magnetic field, and in the smartphone there is a magnetic field that induces alternating current.


Protecting our phone in the form of a case is not a problem for the inductive charger - there is no need to remove and then put the case back on. Therefore, nothing stands in the way of being able to fully enjoy the possibility of fast and wireless charging.


Product specification:

- Material: ABS

- Dimension: 163x87x220mm

- Weight: 140g

- Input voltage: 5V 2A / 9V 1.3A

- Charging power: 10W

- Working distance: <5mm

- Charging efficiency: 70% - 76%

- LEDs: 20 pcs. 5 - 6W

- Color temperature: Cold: 6500-7000K Warm: 3000-3200K

Mobile Phone Accessories

Never let your phone run out of battery on the move with our great range of mobile phone accessories. We offer a wide variety of mobile phone fast chargers, cables, adapters, along with wireless induction chargers and protective screen guards etc. We also supply classic Nokia mobile phone batteries, car phone holders, tripods, and power banks. We offer a great selection of cable lengths and all types of chargers including micro USB, type-C for Samsung and Android models, also cables for iPhone for a very competitive price and are always ready to post from our warehouse in Dublin, Ireland within just 1-3 working days.

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