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Newton Cradle Balance Steel Balls School Pendulum Desk Toy Home

Cat. No: #1474, Category: Gadgets & Games
€ 5.50


Newton's pendulum is an amazing gadget showing the operation of the law of physics - the law of conservation of momentum and energy. When we pull one ball back and let it go, it will hit the others, and the last ball will bounce to almost the same height. This is because the collisions of the balls are elastic and their kinetic energy and momentum are conserved.


Product specifications:

- Made of high quality materials

- Perfect for a gift

- You can decorate your desk at work or at home with them

- It has an aesthetic appearance

- It has a solid base

- The pendulum has 5 balls

- It entertains and teaches



- Height: 14 cm

- Base length: 18 cm

- Base width: 11 cm


Package included:

- Newton's pendulum

- The basis

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