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Bathroom 180kg Digital Electronic LCD Scale Tempered Glass

Cat. No: #1473, Category: Digital Scales
€ 9.99


Product specifications:

- High quality

- Measuring range: up to 180kg

- Measurement accuracy: 100g

- Battery life indicator

- Reload indicator

- The plate is made of 6 mm thick tempered glass

- Power supply: 1x CR 2032 battery (included)

- Display dimensions: 60 x 25mm

- Automatic zeroing function when turned on.

- Automatic shutdown function (AUTO OFF) - after 6 sec.


Before using the scale, turn it on by selecting the appropriate weighing mode, KG or IB. The switch is located under the battery cover.


Package included:

- Bathroom scale

- CR 2032 battery 

Digital Scales

Digital scales are the most common form of weighing equipment on the market today and can be found almost everywhere and for good reason. They are precise, easy to use, and capable of handling large capacities with a very small margin of error. At we offer LCD kitchen, jewelry pocket, luggage and bathroom scales for a very competitive price and are always ready to post from our warehouse in Dublin, Ireland within just 1-3 working days.

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