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Large 100 x 50 cm Computer Mouse Pad Gaming Mouse Keyboard Mat

Cat. No: #1423, Category: PC / Laptop / Tablet Accessories
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Gaming mouse pad


- Large area - 100 x 50 cm

- Only 2mm thick

- Perfect for gamers

- Smooth surface to enhance mouse precision

- Non-slip rubber bottom

- Compatible with any mouse

- Waterproof fabric

- Hemmed edges

- Universal black color


A must-have for every player

A mouse pad is a necessary accessory on the desk of every self-respecting gamer. It allows you to mark and surround the gaming space, while increasing the aesthetic value of the position.


The perfect solution for gaming

It provides good glide and smooth and precise mouse movements, which translates directly into better control over the rodent and better results in games.


Precise mouse movements

The top layer of the pad is made of a special fabric for optimal precision and smooth mouse glide, which helps you perform precise movements with lightness and ease. It gives great comfort and a sense of confidence when moving the rodent. In addition, the top layer is hydrophobic, which means that it does not absorb liquids, and thanks to dripping, wet spots are easy to wipe off. The non-slip bottom layer guarantees the stability of the pad on the desk, even in unexpected moments.


XXL placemat

The large dimensions of the pad - 100 x 50 cm - make the pad also serve as a desk mat, which allows you to cover and protect the entire workstation. The huge area guarantees the room for all the equipment necessary for work or play, without limiting mouse movements. The soft, 2 mm thick rubber backing provides the comfort required for extended play or work and compensates for any surface irregularities.


Product specification:

- Dimensions: 1000x500x2mm

- Compatibility: all mice

- Waterproof fabric

PC / Laptop / Tablet Accessories

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