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Set LED Bicycle Bike Front Light Rear Light Red CR2032 Batteries

Cat. No: #1420, Category: Bike Accessories
€ 6.99


A set of LED bicycle lights for the front and rear


- Powered by CR2032 (3V) batteries

- waterproof

- Simple and quick to assemble

- 3 lighting modes, up to 50 hours of operation


Ready and tested set of bicycle lighting powered by CR2032 batteries

A compact, easy-to-use and clearly lit lamp is a necessary piece of bicycle equipment for every cyclist on public roads. Pursuant to the Road Traffic Act, each bicycle should be equipped with a mandatory front white and rear red parking light (it can be flashing). Such equipment has a huge impact on safety by increasing our visibility while driving and the obligation to have it should not be underestimated.


Quick and simple assembly

Assembly takes place without the use of any tools. It is quick and simple, so it does not cause any difficulties. The handle in the form of a non-slip rubber band ensures stability and proper pressure. This allows you to conveniently mount the lamp on any bike or scooter. Also suitable for attaching to a bicycle helmet or backpack.


Proven light source

The use of energy-saving, strong LED diodes will make you visible on the road in all conditions.

The lamps have three lighting modes, and are conveniently controlled with one button (pushed shade).


3 lighting modes:

- continuous light

- light blinking slowly

- fast blinking light

The lamps are powered by CR2032 (3V) batteries, which provide up to 50 hours of operation.


Product specification:

- Waterproof

- Number of LEDs: 1

- Light color: white + red

- Material: aluminum and ABS plastic

- Working time: up to 50 hours

- Number of lighting modes: 3

- Light power: 50lm

- Powered by: CR2032 (3V) batteries

- Application: bicycle, scooter

- Sealing class: IPX5

- Dimensions: 97x63x29mm

- Weight: 20g

Bike Accessories

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