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2600mAh 5W Portable Inspection Work Lamp Magnet Torch Hook

Cat. No: #1396, Category: Appliances & Tools
€ 9.99


5W LED workshop lamp | battery


The lamp is equipped with 3 independent light sources, so the lamp can be lit in 3 ways:

- The front COB LED emits a strong, diffused light

- The front high power LED emits far-reaching light

- The signaling diode on the back of the device emits a red pulsating light


12-step lamp inclination adjustment.


The lamp obtains full stability regardless of the inclination of the lamp on the adjustable base.


Product specifications:

- LED type: COB LED / High Power LED

- Lamp power supply: rechargeable

- Battery: replaceable 18650 cell

- Light distribution type: diffused/long-range/signal light

- Light angle: 120 degrees diffuse, 30 degrees long-range

- LED power: 5W, equivalent to a 50W ordinary lamp

- Protection level: IP65 - water resistance, protection against dust, sand and dirt

- Operating range from -40 degrees C to +50 degrees C

- Magnetic base

- Charging voltage: 5V


Packeage included:

- 5W workshop lamp

- Charger

- Car charger

- Micro-USB cable

- EU-UK adapter so it can be used both for EU and UK/IRL sockets

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