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Digital Gas Detector Sensor Alarm Butane LPG Tester Measurer

Cat. No: #1180, Category: Appliances & Tools
€ 14.99


It is recommended to install the device at a distance of 1-2 m from any potential gas source (valves, cookers, burners).


In order to ensure the maximum level of protection, it is recommended to install the device in all of them rooms and on each level of the apartment building (both where they are located devices or installations that may be a source of gas escaping, but also in others rooms).



The average service life of the device (electronic sensor) is approximately 5 years. The time is strictly depending on the environmental conditions in which the device operated, production date, number of activations alarm, etc.) It is recommended to regularly replace old models with new ones.


In order to minimize the risk related to gas, it should be ordered regularly (at least once every six months) qualified specialists checking the heating system, ventilation system, chimneys and exhaust from fuel operated appliances. Always install any heating equipment in accordance with manufacturer's instructions and follow local building codes. All devices should be installed and checked by specialists after installation. Pipe connections should be checked regularly supplying fuel or discharging exhaust gases, for any leaks, cracks, marks rust, etc. It is absolutely necessary to familiarize all household members with alarm devices used in the installation.


When the alarm is triggered:

- Leave your room immediately

- If possible, open windows and doors (cause "draft") for ventilation rooms

- Report the problem to specialized units (fire brigade / gas ambulance)

- If you notice any symptoms of poisoning (e.g. headache) in yourself or any of the household members, contact a doctor.


Product features:

- High quality semiconductor sensor

- Signaling an alarm with a sound and a visual indicator

- Built-in function to test the electronics of the unit and verify the correct operation of the device, and to reset the device in the event of an alarm.

- LED indicators that indicate operation and alarm status.

- Energy saving function

- Highly effective operation


Product specification:

- Power supply: 100 ~ 240V AC

- Sensitivity: <10% LEL

- Power consumption: <3W

- Volume:> 70 dB

- Permissible ambient temperature: -10 ° C ~ 45 ° C

- Permissible ambient humidity: 10% ~ 90% R.H.

- Cable length: approx. 100 cm


In order to maintain the proper operation of the device, the device should undergo regular inspections and be regularly tested!


Package included:

- Digital Gas Detector

- EU-UK adapter so it can be used both for EU and UK/IRL sockets

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