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Price Label Tag Gun Pricing Labeller Rolls Stickers Single Line

Cat. No: #1132, Category: Packaging Stuff
€ 10.99

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Good quality single-row labeller - price - indispensable in the store and even at home. Thanks to this labeling machine, we mark all products in the store with prices - without having to enter the prices manually. We can also label, for example, jams with dates, as most housewives do. The labeling machine is useful in the case of, for example, punching the same date - we enter the date once and label it. nothing easier.



- 1 column - currency signs, e.g. €, dollar, RP, R, RS, US, HK, RM, EXP

- 2nd column - digits 0-9, dollar sign, M, B

- 3 column - digits 0-9, dollar sign, period, FOR

- 4th column - digits 0-9, dollar sign, period

- 5th column - digits 1-12

- 6th column - digits 0-9, minus sign, period

- 7th column - digits 0-9, m / m, cm

- 8th column - digits 0-9, kg, EA


Item specification:

- Highly durable with ergonomic shape of the handle

- Equipped with a text positioning system on the tag

- Prints 1 line up to 8 characters (including numbers and special characters)

- Symbols kg, g, /, -, $ and others

- Tag dimensions: 22 x 12 mm MHK

- Red colour

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