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LCD FM Car Transmitter Bluetooth 5.0 USB Quick 3.0 Charger Mic

Cat. No: #1097, Category: Car Accessories
€ 14.99


High-quality multifunctional speakerphone with FM transmitter function and USB charger on the cable.


The product increases the functionality of even the simplest radio in the car, thus improving the comfort of traveling. With this device, you can also play music via your phone, microSD memory cards or any other device with a Bluetooth function. The transmitter is powered from the cigarette lighter socket using a USB charger connected with a cable.


The most important features:

- Wireless transmission of phone call and audio playback to the car stereo FM via Bluetooth

- Hands-free mode that switches automatically from music playing status when receiving calls

- Advanced bass boost technology activated with the appropriate button

- External high-quality microphone

- Modern design with a large LED display

- Support for reading microSD cards

- A separate in-line charger with two USB inputs, including one with Quick Charge function

- Detecting the battery voltage when connected to the cigarette lighter socket

- Voice prompts and hands-free calls to make driving even safer

- Latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology


How it's working?

Connect the USB charger to the cigarette lighter socket, and then set the same FM frequency on both the transmitter and the car radio. This will allow sound from external devices (e.g. a telephone) to be transmitted to the car audio system.


Multiple Music Playback Sources

The transmitter allows you to send music to our radio through many devices. The built-in slot allows you to mount a microSD card (up to 32GB) with our favorite music. However, the greatest range of possibilities is provided by the Bluetooth function, thanks to which it is possible to transmit sound from our phone or other devices with this function.


Bass boost

Feel even better power and sound quality thanks to our BLOW transmitter. A dedicated "BASS" button on the front panel will allow you to amplify the bass while listening to our favorite music, to provide you with an even better musical experience and make your journey even more comfortable.


High-quality external microphone

A high-quality microphone built into the device will allow for safe conversations while driving. The phone connects to the transmitter via the Bluetooth function - in the transmitter it is version 5.0, which significantly improves and stabilizes data transmission, and is even better adapted to mobile devices and wireless electronic accessories. An incoming call can be picked up using the button in the control knob, which also allows you to end calls and dial the last call. Hands-free mode switches automatically from music playing status when receiving calls.


In-line charger with fast charging function

One of the USB outputs in the charger has the Quick Charge function in version 3.0. This modern technological solution allows for much faster charging of devices - it even speeds them up several times compared to the simplest USB chargers, and at the same time does not affect the faster consumption of the battery. The second USB slot allows 5V / 2.4A charging.


Intuitive and convenient controls

The 1.2 m long cable will allow the charger to be easily mounted directly in the cigarette lighter socket, allowing the transmitter to be installed in a different place. The side-mounted control buttons as well as the knob and the "BASS" function on the front panel ensure intuitive and quick control of all transmitter functions.


Safety of use

The transmitter is made of high-quality materials, which will ensure durability and long service life. It has the "CE" mark and meets all safety requirements.



- Bluetooth: version 5.0

- Frequency range: 87.5 - 108.00 MHz

- Frequency stability: +/- 10 ppml

- Power supply: 12-24V

- USB outputs: 1x QC3.0 + 1x5V / 2.4A (23W in total)

- MicroSD card slot: YES (max. 32GB)

- File formats: MP3 / WMA / WAV / FLAC

- LED display: 16 x 27 mm

- Dimensions: 66.75 x 43 x 72.8 mm

- Weight: 85 g

Car Accessories

We offer a range of FM Car Transmitters that allow you to connect your phone or MP3 player to your car stereo via FM radio. With a variety of features such as Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, USB charging ports, and hands-free calling, these transmitters are a convenient and affordable way to upgrade your car's audio system. We also offer a selection of car parking sensors, cigarette splitters, dash cams and dog sit mats for a very competitive price and are always ready to post from our warehouse in Dublin, Ireland within just 1-3 working days.

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