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Tuner TV Decoder Receiver DVB-T2 DVB-T HDMI SCART USB Remote #1038
€ 19.99
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Shipping: IRL - €1.95 | Europe - €2.90 | USA - €2.90


- Standard: DVB-T, DVB-T2, H.264, H.265 HEVC

- Supported formats: MP3, WMA, JPEG, BMP, AVI, MKV

- Modulation: QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM, 256QAM

- VHF frequency range: 170-230 MHz

- UHF frequency range: 470-860 MHz

- Codecs: MPEG-1 (layer III), MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC / H.264, WMA, AC3, AAC, Dolby Digital Plus

- Image resolution: 1080p / 1080i / 720p / 576i / 480p / 480i

- Aspect Ratio: 4: 3 or 16: 9

- Supply voltage: 220 - 240V - 50 / 60Hz

- Maximum power consumption: <10W


The most important functions:

- The set-top box is fully compatible with DVB-T and DVB-T2, H.264, H.265 HEVC

- TIMESHIFT function - Picture freeze and scroll

- PVR function with recording programming

- The set-top box can connect to the internet via USB Dongle

- Reception of digital channels in FHD quality

- USB socket for connecting external storage media

- Support for Dolby Digital Plus digital audio compression

- Teletext, subtitles and electronic program guide (EPG) support

- It can act as a media player (movies, music)

- Choice of many languages ​​including Polish

- Manage the list of programs

- Favorite channel list


High-quality decoder for receiving BLOW DVB-T2 4615FHD digital terrestrial television programs. Only a good set-top box will guarantee the reception of all free to air digital terrestrial television programs. The buttons on the front panel and the easy-to-read display increase the comfort of use.


Modern standard compression:

The BLOW 4615FHD decoder guarantees the reception of all DVB-T and DVB-T2 digital terrestrial television programs. The modern compression method H.264, H.265 / HVEC allows you to maintain high image quality, while significantly reducing the bandwidth. The built-in Dolby Digital Plus sound decoder ensures audio reception on the TV.


HD quality image: 

Receives TV programs broadcast in high definition Full HD 1080p. The decoder is equipped with a very sensitive head which guarantees the highest quality of received programs and the signal setting indicators will help you correctly position the antenna. Connecting the tuner to any type of TV thanks to the HDMI connector or via the EURO connector.


Videos and photos from USB devices: 

The USB port which was placed on the front of the set-top box allows you to connect any pendrive, phone, memory card reader and many other devices thanks to which you can easily watch your favorite photos and movies on the TV screen. The devices play MP3, WMA, JPEG, BMP, AVI, MKV files.


Extensive EPG, PVR, Timeshift functions:

Timeshift is a function that temporarily records the current program. Using this function, you can pause or resume a live broadcast, and rewind or fast-forward it. PVR allows you to record programs at a given moment or schedule a recording for a later time. The recorded material is not related to the loss of quality - the recording saved on the disk will be in the same format as we could watch it on TV. EPG is a service thanks to which you do not have to buy a newspaper with a TV program or search on the Internet - all you need is one button on the remote control. Thanks to the service, it is also possible to display detailed information about the programs.


Universal design:

The modern and universal design ensures that the set-top box will fit perfectly into any interior. Its compact dimensions and aesthetic design allow it to be placed anywhere. The construction of the device itself was very well thought out and planned. The device has a built-in numeric display that displays the current time and the selected channel. The buttons on the front are responsible for full control of the decoder.

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