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Amiga 3000 Desktop LEDs + Buddha LEDs Replacement + Power Cables

Cat. No: #831, Category: Retro Computing Accessories
€ 10.49
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New Amiga 3000 Desktop LEDs + Buddha LEDs Replacement with 2x power cables with 3 PINs connectors. Fully assembled, no soldering required.


- LED Power - green

- LED Hard Disk - yellow

- LED Buddha IDE0 - red

- LED Buddha IDE1 - orange


All you need to do is just connect 3 PINs power cable into your Amiga 3000 Desktop LED connector and join LEDs by screw (included). You will also need to connect another 3 PINs cable to your Buddha card to get another 2x LEDs - IDE0 and IDE1. Please see our photo instruction how exactly it need to be connected.


Package included:

- 1x Amiga 3000 Desktop LEDs + Buddha LEDs with 2x power cables

- 1x screw with washer

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