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TerribleFire 534 T534 030 Amiga 500 2000 Turbo Card 48 MHz 4MB #800
€ 164.99 € 154.99
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Now, all TF534 Turbo Cards come with free FPU Co-processor 68882 already fitted in card, ready to use straight away.


TerribleFire 534 TF534 Motorolla 030 CPU 48MHz 4MB RAM Turbo Card with 44 PIN IDE for Amiga 500 / 2000 + Relocator for Amiga 500/500+ + CF-IDE Adapter with Hard Drive Cable. Revision 2c.


All fully assembled and tested, ready to go. Just plug in and put your CF card with system (CF card not included but can be purchase from our store as well). To put this card into your Amiga 500/500+ simply remove your 68000 processor from your motherboard and put this card into 68000 processor socket exaclty same way as our photo instruction shown. Please note you will need additional relocator for Amiga 2000 (not included, but can be purchased in our store as well).


CPU Speed - 9.68 MIPS (SysInfo 3.01),

Fast IDE - transfer on SD/CF cards - 4.36mb/s (SysInfo 3.01 with MMUlib software installed). IDE speed will be even much faster when use real hard drives.


Compatible with:

- Amiga 500

- Amiga 500+

- Amiga 2000 (additional relocator required, not included)


You need at least kickstart 2.05 (37.300) to use this item. It will also work with Kickstart 3.0, 3.1, 3.1.4. May not work with Kickstart 3.x.


To speed up your IDE transfer please download and install MMULib from Aminet:


The card has been designed by Stephen Leary.


Package included:

- TerribleFire 534 030 Turbo card run on 48MHz

- FPU Co-Processor 68882 (already fitted in the card)

- Relocator for Amiga 500/500+

- CF - IDE Adapter

- IDE 44 PIN Hard Drive Cable

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