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Amiga 1200 CP Buffered Clockport 4x 4-Way Ports Expander Adapter

Cat. No: #780, Category: Retro Computing Accessories
€ 21.99
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When Commodore introduced the clock port with the Amiga 1200 it's sole purposed was for a battery-buffered real-time clock and a 1 MB Chip-Ram extension. Over the years, other manufacturers had discovered this interface for themselves and introduced to the market a series of innovative expansions. These include mainly sound cards, interface cards and USB cards. Quickly users wanted to add several of these extensions in their Amiga 1200 computers but this was not possible due to only one clock port header being available.


Introducing the world's first buffered clockport expander with 4 separate connections created by Matthias Muench. It is often unnecessary to modify the drivers because many newer extensions already take account of these additional ports. Port 0 is compatible with the original clockport (address $ d80001), while the other ports cover the Zorro-IV board (address $ d84001, $ d88001 and $ d8c001). The design of the Clockport Expander was chosen so that on the one hand it would not collide with any other extension, and on the other hand, existing clock tower extensions could be reused even in the original housing under nearly optimal conditions.


Please make sure you have a strong PSU if you want to use more CP devices. Please note that your Amiga 1200 motherboard must have 22 PINs clockport header on the right hand side. Most of Amiga 1200 models have this but some rare revisions have the header missing or installed on the left hand side.


With this clockport expander you can use following devices:

device:                Port 0,  Port 1,  Port 2,  Port 3

Delfina Flipper:      yes       yes       yes       yes

MP3 @ 64:            yes       yes       yes       yes

Silver Surfer:         yes       yes       yes       yes

Subway USB:        yes       yes       yes       yes

RapidRoad USB:   yes       yes       yes       yes

Prisma Megamix:   yes      yes       yes       yes

Delfina 1200:          yes      yes      yes       yes

Melody 1200:          yes      no        no         no

Prelude 1200:         yes       no       no         no

VS1011 Card:         yes       no        no        no


yes = Works

no = Not recognised


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