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MC68LC060RC50 68060 Motorola Rev. 4 Processor with MMU, No FPU #769
€ 59.99
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MC68LC060RC50 68060 Motorola Revision 4 Processor with MMU, No FPU 206 PIN Amiga.


Used, 100% working and fully tested 68060 Motorola LC, Rev 4 Processors.


Please note that there is `EC` stated on the processors but in fact they are all `LC`, Revision 4 with MMU and no FPU.


This is not lottery here which revision you will get like all other listings with similar items. You will receive here 1 of the fully working used processor from photo and they are all working 100% and every single unit was testing with Amiga computers and there are all LC (not EC like stated on them), Revision 4, with MMU and No FPU.

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