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A608 Mini The Smallest 8MB Fast RAM Memory for Amiga 600 Ever! #746
€ 52.99
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A608 Mini The smallest 8MB Fast RAM for Amiga 600 ever!


A608mini is a Fast RAM expansion dedicated for Amiga computer, it has 8MB of Fast RAM allocated as:

8MB is $00200000 – $009FFFFF

4MB $00200000 – $005FFFFF (for use with PCMCIA)


Dimension of pcb is 50x35mm only!

Color: black


All you have to do is just put the card on Motorola MC 68000 processor on Amiga 600 motherboard (you can still use trapdoor expansion for extra 1 MB CHIP RAM). You dont need any soldering or tools. Simply put on processor within seconds. PLCC socket mounted on card is extremely strong and solid.


Amiga and other stuff from 2 last photos are not included.

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