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Full Set Power Cable IDE Cable CF-IDE IDE 2.5-3.5 Amiga 600 1200 #620
€ 18.99
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Full set of components to connect Compact Flash (CF) card to your Amiga 600, Amiga 1200. CF card (not included) will work like a normal 2.5 inch or 3.5 inch hard drive disk.


Main benefits: much smaller than hard drive (you can fit it in oryginal desktop) and absolutly noiseless. Installation is so easy. Everything you need to do is just plug everything to your motherboard. You have to prepare Card as a normal drive using HD Install then format. You can also connect other 3.5 inch devices together with CF card such as 3.5 hard drive, CD, DVD or even another one CF card.


Amiga Computer and CF card from last photo are not included.


With this set you can use FDD Floppy Drive + CF card as a hard drive + additional 3.5" drive such as CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or another 3.5" Hard Drive.


Package included:

1.) 2.5 inch ---> 3.5 inch hard drive adapter

2.) IDE 40 PIN cable, with this cable you can also connect another one 3.5 inch device. Device 1 =13 cm, Device 2 = 27 cm.

3.) IDE --> CF adapter, master and slave jumper option. Small 4 PIN FDD Floppy power connector on back side.

4.) Power cable 3x FDD Floppy Female + 1x Molex Female (Lenght: 41cm, 29cm, 13cm)

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