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Turbo Card HC533 33MHz 8MB RAM IDE Amiga 500 #603
€ 122.99
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Brand New Turbo Card HC533, MC68HC000 33MHz + Bootable IDE + 8MB Fast RAM for Amiga 500.


This amazing turbo card will allow you to boot even from Workbench 1.3! You can boot your system from 1.3 or 3.1 Kickstart. You can boot between 2 ROMs (Oktapussy/Oktagon) and you can change this settings by using jumper on board (jumper included).


Processor MC68HC000 with 33 MHz clock, it will speed up your Amiga 500 a lot. Regarding to SysInfo V4.0 there is 3.51 MIPS (2.76 times faster than Amiga 1200 with 020 / 14 MHz)


There is 8MB Fast RAM included on board too.


There is 40 PIN IDE Male connector on board. You can connect CF to IDE adapter (not included) into that slot and you can boot your system from CF card (you dont need additional power for CF cards). You can also boot from real 40 PIN IDE hard drive but then you need to power your hardrive somehow.


Plug & Play turbo card. All you need to do is just remove MC68000 processor from your Amiga 500 motherboard (MC68000 processor module insterted is into slot on motherboard (you can easily remove it within seconds using for example flat screwdriver). No soldering at all.


Excellent IDE speed, regarding to SysInfo V4.0 our tested CF card as a hard drive speed was: 4.6MB/s! (IDE speed may be vary, depends which CF card are you using).


You can still use extra CHIP Ram from trapdoor expansion slot.


CF IDE Adapter and CF card from photos are not included.

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