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PCMCIA Adapter +16GB SanDisk CF Card Transfer Kit Amiga 600 1200 #587
€ 26.99
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Amiga PC PCMCIA 16GB Transfer kit. Transfer any files from PC to Amiga or from Amiga to PC.


Package Contents:

- Sandisk CF - PCMCIA Adapter

- SanDisk Ultra 16GB Compact Flash card (ready to use with your Amiga)

- Floppy Disk with driver


System requirements: Amiga 1200 or 600 (at least version 37.300 of Kickstart when use with Amiga 600), OS 2.0+


Everything you need to do is just copy a driver into your system, insert the kit into PCMCIA slot and enjoy 16GB CF Card. You can use it for transfer between PC, for backup or as a hard drive after you boot system from floppy or from Amiga IDE with CF0 installed in the system.



- Put Floppy Disk into your floppy drive

- Copy DF0:devs/CompactFlash.device to SYS:devs/CompactFlash.device

- Copy DF0:l/FAT95 to SYS:l/FAT95

- Copy CF0 with to anywhere on your hard disk and launch it after you restart your system.


You can insert in and pull out the card even when your amiga is on. You dont need even hard disk to use this kit, you can simply copy all of those files to your Workbench disk.


This is a set ready to go, prepared, formatted and tested on real Amiga 600 and Amiga 1200 (not WinUAE at all). You will get a huge capacity of 14.8GB for your purposes!

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