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PS2 Dual Shock Wired Controller Joypad Gamepad for PlayStation 2 #859
€ 7.65
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Shipping: IRL - €1.95 | Europe - €2.90 | USA - €2.90

Professional, good quality joy pad controller for Sony PlayStation 2 PS2 console. Works with all PS2 models. Pad with two vibrating motors giving a sensational effect. Moving around the game is even more fascinating than ever thanks to vibrations! When you feel your steering wheel shake, you feel more about what is happening in the game.



- Brand new product.

- Cable length: 1.7 m

- The product is made in the latest technology of high-quality materials

- The product meets the requirements of the European Union - it has a CE certificate

- Black colour

- Weight: 172g


Product features:

- The best analogue pad for PS2 with super vibration.

- Two vibrating motors with a sensational effect.

- Perfectly contoured, ergonomic shape.

- It has two rubber analog knobs.

- It also supports digital mode.

- 14 programmable buttons you can configure yourself.

- Works with all PS2 console models.


Third party product, not made by Sony

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