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AmiKey500 Amiga 500 500+ USB HID Keyboard Interface Adapter

Cat. No: #1349, Category: Retro Computing Accessories
€ 27.99
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This item allows you tu use USB Keyboard (both wired and wireless) on your Amiga 500 / 500+.


You can still use original Amiga 500 keyboard together with USB Keyboard. It supports all keys from original keyboard including reset.


Quick installation quide:

- Switch off your computer

- Remove metal shielding and take off the original keyboard

- Take off U7 Chip (CIA 8520) from the Amiga socket.

- Insert AmiKey500 into the U7 socket

- Connect wire from AmiKey500 to third PIN from left on the original keyboard PINs

- Insert CIA 8520 Chip into AmiKey500 socket.

- Put back connector from original keyboard

Please see our photo instruction as well.


Full instruction (only in Polish language) is available here


PCB color: black

Amiga and Keyboard from photos are not included.

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