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8 Bit 400 in 1 Built Games Mini Retro Handheld Game Console Pad #1078
€ 14.99
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SUP GAME BOX console | 400 retro games | additional PAD for the second player


The SUP Game Box console is designed for younger and older enthusiasts of retro games. You will find your favorite platform, arcade, logic games, etc.


400 pre-installed retro games like Super Mario, Contra.

The second PAD thanks to which most games can be played in co-op mode.

LCD (liquid crystal display).

Rechargeable battery with a capacity of 1000 mAh included.

You can connect the console to the TV with the included cable and enjoy entertainment on the big screen.


Color: red


Remember games from your childhood Brick Game is the perfect gift for both a child and a partner who remembers the heyday of 8-bit computer games.


The console contains 400 installed games (or variants of starting a given game), including retro games such as:

- Super Mario

- Contra

- Arkanoid

- Pacman

- Robocop

- Donkey Kong

- Mortal Kombat

- Bomber Man

- Popeye

- Turtles

- Tetris

- Chip & Dale

- F1, Soccer, Tennis, Baseball and many more!


Console functions:

- LCD display

- RESET button

- Navigation buttons

- SELECT button

- Knob to control the volume of effects and music

- START button

- Function buttons

- Loudspeaker

- Console switch

- Micro-USB port for connecting the pad and for charging the console

- AV-OUT output for connecting the console to a TV


Product features:

- 3 "LCD display

- The product is brand new

- Power supply: 1000 mAh battery (micro-USB cable included)


The kit includes:

- SUP Game Box console

- BL-5C 1000 mAh battery

- Pad for SUP Game Box

- AV cable for TV

- USB cable for charging the console

- Aesthetic packaging

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